Services & Pricing

Just as we have always cared about our pet's health and comfort, we are concerned with the safe and humane disposition of our pet after its passing. It is our mission to help you with some important decisions with a spirit of deep respect at a time which may be difficult.

We anticipate your concern by offering pet crematory services to sensibly answer this need. Cremation is the process of reducing the body of a pet by exposing it to intense heat. Through high heat and evaporation, the body is reduced to its basic mineral form. Although the remains are commonly called “ashes”, the proper term is “cremains”. Humane and safe, cremation is the accepted manner of disposition, endorsed by animal lovers and doctors. We offer: 

Individual Cremation (Private)

Private (Individual) cremation means that your pet is placed individually into the cremation chamber and is kept separate from all other pets. The cremains of your loved one are then returned to you in a utility container.

Private (Individual) cremation services include the gentle pick up of your pet at your veterinary hospital (or by appointment, you can bring your pet to us), the individual cremation process, placing the cremated cremains in a utility container and hand delivering the cremains back to the veterinary hospital to be reunited with your family. A certificate of cremation is issued with every Private (Individual) cremation. 

Mass Cremation (Communal)

Mass cremation (Communal) means that your pet is cremated in a group setting with other pets. The services include the gentle pick up of your pet at your veterinary hospital and the cremation. This option maintains a high level of dignity at a modest cost. Pet cremains are not returned, but are scattered at the discretion of Johnson Pet Services in the fields of our family's farm.

Urns and Memorial Stones

Optimally you may choose to have us scatter the cremains, or you may choose from our selection of urns and memorial stones. For information and pricing visit